Kashmiri Taanka By Asim Jofa Embroidered Self Twill Unstitched 3 Piece Suit - AJ23KT 03

Vendor: Asim Jofa
SKU: 87182
Colour: Black
Fabric: Self Twill
Type: 3 piece | Unstitch
Subtotal: Rs.11,115.00
Shirt: Self Twill
Trouser: Cotton Silk
Shawl: Velvet Twill
2.5 Meters Embroidered Shawl on Velvet Twill
4 Embroidered Bunches for Shawl Corner on Organza
7.5 Yard Embroidered Lace for Shawl 4 Side on Organza
Embroidered Front on Self Twill
Embroidered Back on Self Twill
Embroidered Center Bunch for Front on Organza
Pair of Embroidered Big Bunch Right & Left for Front on Organza
60'' Embroidered Border for Front & Back Hemline on Self Twill
2.5 Meters Embroidered Borders for Chaak on Self Twill
Pair of Embroidered Sleeves on Self Twill
1 Meters Embroidered Border for Sleeves on Self Twill
2 Embroidered Bunches for Sleeves on Organza
Embroidered Front Neckline on Organza
Embroidered Back Neckline on Organza
1.5 Meters Dyed Wide Width Cotton Silk for Trouser

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