D#08 Xenia Ishya Luxury Formal Emb Collection 223

Vendor: Xenia
SKU: 78160
Colour: Peach
Fabric: Chiffon
Type: 3 piece | Unstitch
Subtotal: Rs.9,890.00

Embroidered Chiffon Front 50 Inches
Chiffon Back 50 Inches
Embroidered Chiffon Sleeves 24 Inches
Embroidered Front Yoke 24 Inches
Embroidered Back Yoke 24 Inches
Embroidered Front And Back Patch
Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta 2.65 Yards
Embroidered Chiffon Pallu
Rawsilk Trouser 2.50 Yards

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