D#08 Iznik Chinon Emb Chiffon Collection 123

Vendor: Iznik
SKU: 77221
Color: Black
Fabric: Net
Type: 3 piece unstitched
Subtotal: Rs.9,374.00
Shirt Front: Embroidered Net (0.85 y)
Shirt Back: Embroidered Net (0.85 y)
Neckline: Embroidered Organza(1 Piece)
Front Lace: Embroidered Organza (1 y)
Front Daaman: Embroidered Net (1 Piece)
Front & Back Lace: Embroidered Organza (1.85 y)
Sleeves: Embroidered Net (0.70)
Sleeves Lace: Embroidered Organza (1 y)
Dupatta: Embroidered Net (2.75 y)
Dupatta Lace 01: Embroidered Silk (4 Sides) (8.25)
Dupatta Lace 02: Embroidered Organza (4 Sides)
Trouser: Dyed Silk (2.5 y)
Trouser Lace: Embroidered Organza (1.40 y)
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