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D#06 Mushq Broadway Returns Emb Winter Collection 1022

Vendor: Mushq
SKU: 75053
Colour: Light Pink
Fabric: Khaddar
Type: 3 piece | Unstitch
Subtotal: Rs.13,188.00
Embroidered and pearl embellished khaddar front
Embroidered khaddar back
Embroidered khaddar sleeves
Embroidered and pearl embellished sleeves lace
Embroidered lace for front & back
Embroidered lace for finishing
Embroidered khaddar shawl
Dyed khaddar trouser
Crochet lace for finishing – 1
Crochet lace for finishing – 2
Crochet lace for finishing – 3
Silk buttons for neckline
Silk balls for finishing
Crochet brooch for back necklineTassel for front neckline

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