D#02 Asim Jofa Ramsha Edit Festive Emb Collection 1022

Vendor: Asim Jofa
SKU: 75174
Colour: Maroon
Fabric: Chiffon
Type: 3 piece | Unstitch
Subtotal: Rs.11,545.50
1 Embroidered Neckline for Front
4 Embroidered Motifs for Front and Back
30” Embroidered Border for the Front on Velvet
30” Embroidered Border for The Back on Velvet
1 Meter Embroidered Front on Chiffon
1 Meter Embroidered Back on Chiffon
1 Meter Embroidered Sleeves on Chiffon
2.5 Meters Embroidered Dupatta on Chiffon With 4 Sided Borders
2.5 Meters Dyed Cotton Silk for Trouser

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