Welcome to the Royal Fashions! Multi-Brand Fashion Store.

Since 1970 Royal Fashion has not just been an online marketplace or a normal outlet where you can meet all your clothing needs. It is a collection of fashion art. A collection of masterpieces created by some of the best fashion designers working in Pakistan.
That’s who we are.
From fashion fabrics and apparel for Men, Women and Children, Royal Fashion offers a complete creative concept where customers can realise their dreams and aspirations. Royal Fashion is a perfect haven for aesthetically-inclined men, women and children who can bring their style language to life with fashion fabrics, ready-to-wear lines and designer clothes from our stores.
We do not only work with the fashion designers and your favourite brands to bring you the chef-d'oeuvre of fashion. We are more than that. We follow the movement of fashion industry as the Achilles follows the Tortoise. We make sure that once you follow us, you need never to worry about following anyone else to keep abreast with the world of fashion!
Our outlets are located in Hyderi, Vincy Mall. Stop by for the best experience of your life. 
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$4 Seconds
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